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2/2/2010 7:57:27 PM
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Hello, I have a 2005 Montana 5th wheel, my black water tank Level Gauge LED always shows 2/3rd full and after a days use it is showing full, what is the best way to get this level gauge working right, the tank is in good shape. Thank you for any help.
2/3/2010 9:15:43 PM
Steve Roddy
Steve Roddy
Lazydays Employee
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The first thing to do is clean the tank. If your 5th wheel is equiped with a black tank rinse use it to clean the tank as much as possible. Then purchase a tank and probe cleaner chemical to put in the tank. Allow it to stay in the tank overnight. If possible do this wen traveling as the movement will help clean the tank also. Dirty tank probes are usually the most common problem with monitor panel readings.
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