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4/11/2011 4:04:34 PM
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When my wife and I retire, we'd like to take 6 months to a year RV'ing the country. Our RV experience is practically nil! ( one brief trip with son-in-law in a borrowed RV). I'd like some practical advice, please. Can I lease/rent an RV for that length of time? Should I buy a new/used vehicle and then sell it? (We can't aford to keep it). How does one budget for something like this? Are there any recommended books?
Thanks in advance!
4/11/2011 9:00:41 PM
Bill Whetstone
Bill Whetstone
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Careful, once you own one you may not want to let it go. Renting for that long would cost a small fortune, you are much better off buying a nice used unit, then sell it at the end of the usage. The loss will be less than what rent will be.

Have fun.

Bill Whetstone, Forum Leader
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